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Clerics of Zanbaru never -or rarely- raise the dead, because their religion states that Death is to be accepted. No OOC grudges acceptable for a Zambarite cleric that did not raise you.

Also there is to be no player killing from Zambarites, they are expected to act with neutral acceptance and pure faith towards Death itself.

Domains: Death, Evil, Earth, Air


Zanbaru is the Keeper of Gates, reigning the Underworld of Noch'Deran. He is the Final Judge of Souls and the Dark Messiah.

Worshippers of Zanbaru are clad in dark clothes, avoid the sun and are generally none too pleasant a company to be around. They celebrate Death's day. (30th oct)

The western capital city of Westport gives home to these dark worshippers of the Lord of Death , Zanbaru. The clergy itself is often mentioned as The Ministry of Demise, or just simply The Ministry. Zanbaru's highest officer is the Pope. He's appointed by seven Arch Bishops who are selected from among the Bishops. Bishops are among the elite of his clergy, and the rest of his priesters and preachers look up to them with dire respect.

Worshippers of Zan pray at the Witching Hour (9 in the evening) and pray to regain spells per day and for a peaceful death.

OOC info:

If a mortal dies, the mortal soul travels across the Black Gates. If they had faith in their lives, they are judged as their deity demands and then probably end up near that deity or reincarnate. If they had no faith, however, they are likely to be engulfed by Damnation. The faithless souls are tempted by illusions, each deity, including the Antideity is offering them a chance for redemption. However, while the deities cannot lie, the Antideity will always have a better chance at corrupting and seizing these souls.


Death's Day: Halloween festives practically. No trick-o-treating though. Mourning: No such thing. They celebrate a person's death like a birthday.


Truth: (NO CHARACTER, would that be pc or npc, knows this. Anybody using this in character is metagaming.)

Zanbaru is indeed the Gatekeeper but he serves a higher power that calls itself Binn Gan Fo and is the true lord of the underworld. Gan is the younger brother of Domorus, cast into the underworld for his sins at the dawn of existence.

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