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The Forest Mother. Silvana/Theira is respected by druids and rangers alike.

Domains: Earth, Animal, Plant, Elemental


Mother Earth has many aspects to be worshipped and as such, she's considered the overseer of all elemental deities. She's perceived by many druids as the Forest Mother, a fey-like entity that occasionally appears to followers and even outsiders passing through the woodlands. Her power is the most firm aspect among the deities, no one dares to violate Silvana's domains.

She is often believed to be Haniel's first daughter and the keeper of all life.

Her symbol is a tree with an eye on its bark, typically an oak.

Sylvana usually has one, three or nine high clerics, all of them female, and several priests and druids that are typically equal among one another. The High Cleric is currently Diana Silvae Glaurd'Har; she's the newest and the youngest of all her clergy.


Passage of the Forest: Each child that nears adulthood must keep a night's vigil in the forest, watching from dusk until dawn. It is said that the animals in the forest dare not harm one who is keeping his vigil, unless he has done something to anger the Forest Mother.

The Forest Hunt: Worshipers of Silvana only hunt what they need to survive and the most religious say a prayer over their kill, thanking the Forest Mother for her generosity. It is said that if a person slaughters game in Silvana's forest for no reason, she will avenge the deaths of the creatures that were hunted.

Dance of Leaves: It is said that the dryads of the forest sometimes perform a dance, honoring Silvana. This dance however, has been rarely seen by others besides druids and the dryads themselves..


Believed to have sprung from a stone statue created by Haniel, Silvana is viewed as Haniel's earthly counterpart.

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