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Rabio Ravage is the fictional Neutral Evil goddess of nature's destructive forces, primal and carnal instincts and destruction in the Kymlun setting. She is often worshipped by the name of Burana or simply as the Angry Mother. She appears in various forms throughout the first five sagas, but is supposedly slain in the Fourth Godswar.


Worship of Rabio has always centered around the dogma of Survival of the Fittest, who will ever feast upon the bones of the slain weak. Consisting mainly of barbaric tribes, and monster races varying from Evil Dragons, Orcs, Giants and even lowly creatures such as Goblins, the cultural differences have always agumented the competition to fulfill the Angry Mother's dogma even among their own selves.

Rabio has three children: Riinthu, the lesser deity of giants, Shauliel of the Northern-Robur barbarian tribe, and Hishnak the High Shaman of the Shidenkal (White Orcs).


Various barbaric sacrifices and brutal dancing were only a handful of barbaric ways to worship the Angry Mother. Though only the giants have been seen from among her worship in the three hundred years after the Fourth Godswar, and there is little knowledge of whether she has any worship among mortals presently.


Rabio was married to Handok, and was one of the Dark Pantheon.

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