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' Who doesn't like to role play? We play a role at work, we play a role in school. We play a role with friends, and a different role with family. Role in itself is a psychological thing from which no social interaction could be free. And doing it right makes all the difference.

The purpose of this article, is not to berate or belittle people for the way they play. It is in fact intended to do just the opposite: To create an opportunity for people to avoid doing things that could get them berated, belittled, mocked or otherwise hurt in the process of acting out their characters. Yes, I did use the word acting.
Kymlun has been around for quite a while. You could say that we are quite ancient, though if you were born in 2002 you might take offence to that! Yes, Kymlun has officially been around since the beginning of 2002 though the plans and some starting issues of events have been played in late 2001 as well, mostly in the form of one-time campaigns - each linked together.
In the past decade we have seen many types of role play and developed our own likes and dislikes for certain things. Borne out of this raw experience, behold the ultimate guide to Playing Well! This article covers most topics regarding what could go wrong while having fun in role play.

About the author

Glortor has been role playing since 1986, on a nearly daily basis. What a geek. Glortor loves to role play. #dealwithit
Glortor has been a stage actor for a decade in his childhood, performing in local theatres as a child actor in various roles including masterworks such as Oliver Twist.
It came to a halt when the family said: you'll make no money with that. You'll be a lawyer instead!

Role Play vs Acting

The major difference between staged acts and role play, is that in RP, you improvise. In staged acts you usually follow a screenplay, while in RP you follow rules. So, it is probably harder to role play than to stage act. Here's to scaring you! Just kidding. Neither of them are hard but both can be improved upon even after years and years of practice. That is what makes it great: it doesn't actually take a whole lot to do either, but you can learn a whole lot while doing it!

Online vs Tabletop

Tabletop or Pen and Paper (pnp) rpg are what it sounds like: sitting with your friends around a table and rolling the dice, verbally acting out your characters while the Game Master (GM) or Dungeon Master (DM) offers a backbone narrative.

Honourable mentions



I climbs the mountain while grinds his teeths?

What does climate have to do with rp?

And suddenly you take your own head and rip it off?

Offense is taken not given!