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Elder Gods

Elder Gods are known to few in their true form and are followed by many under as many names as dogma and faith, in many ways and interpretations across the face of Kymlun and the surrounding planes. Understanding the true nature of the pantheon is something only the most studied scholars of the highest ken have ever managed. Meeting one of them or even all of them does help - though after the Fourth Godswar that has been increasingly difficult with all deities having withdrawn from the mortal realm.

Balance - Haniel (Neutral) - Governance The Overgod, recognised by most by the names Haniel and Shillandill. The creating will, the keeper of balance, the eternal lord - known by many names and yet so little is truly known by him as most pantheons seem to have their own dogma while vastly revering that of the Twilight Church.

Magic - Tsauri (Neutral) - Destruction The goddess(es) of Magic are recognised by a name of a single persona, in whole as Tsauri Kinthar Weavespinner, T'Sair O'lath A'Thuur, or Kint'Har-a Tsa-ur A'Raad. All three mean the same thing however, on different dialects. The first one refers to her as the purest version of a goddess representing a trinity of magic, where Tsauri is a force of good, Kinthara is a neutral goddess and the Weavespinner is the dark side which Drow for example, worship. The second one is her name in Undercommon meaning T'Sair of the Dark Weave. And finally the last name is in Old Arathani, roughly translating to the same thing as previously.

Nature - Silvana (Neutral) - Providence Understanding Mother Nature has been a challenging task for Sages of all realms in every age and time. Her true nature, the correct spelling of her name, (Sylvana/Silvana/Terra/Gaia etc.) her very essence appears to be as elusive as it gets, but where all draveed believers agree, is that she is the great provider and the soul of the plane which we all inhabit.

Death - Zanbaru (Neutral) - Maintenance Death itself has many faces. Some consider it a force of evil while others a necessary good/bad thing. Some worship it, some seek to avoid it, but Death is there, whether we want to face it, or not.

Pantheon of Light

Father - Domorus of the Sun (Lawful Neutral) - The Burning King Lord Domo Domorus. An iconic figure of burning hair and beard with an ornate great sword and golden crown, a deity worthy of paladins and priests of good, many consider the Domoritan Religion or Sunrise Church among the most influential religions of them all. In its purest form Domoritanism is about hope, discipline, a strict and lawful crusade for the betterment of all of Mankind - for Humans it is, that the Domoritan faith has touched the most through-out the ages.

Mother - Seleen of the Moon (Chaotic Good) - The Gentle Queen Lady Seleen An'Telar. A woman with dark hair and silver eyes often depicted in a revered position, on her knees with arms spreaded high and wide. Counterpart to the Burning King - believed by many to be his eternal wife - the Good Mother of Hearths, the goddess of the moon is mainly worshiped by the Elves. The Selenite religion is all about kindness, acceptance, perseverance through peace and of course culture and diplomacy. This peaceful mindset has been the bringer of the Darkmoon Schism, made elves the victim of The_Genocide.

Son - Eneil of the Stars (Lawful Good) - The Warchild General Eneil Elsefaar-Kinul. A young man carrying a golden armour and a two-bladed sword with an eternally sad, contemplating face, one eye crying, the other burning with anger. Eneil is said to be the patron deity of all elven races and the creator of their kin. His worship has been suppressed for a long time, recently reinstated as "the other faith" among the elven kingdoms.

Daughter - Thanbalur of the Sea (Chaotic Neutral) - The Rumbling Lady Thanbalur An'Telar. Depicted as a beautiful young woman whose hair surrounds her unclothed frame, flowing into endless waters around her. Generally worshiped by sea-faring nations and the Sea Elf commune.

Benefactor - Gurnaur of the Earth (Lawful - Neutral - Good) - The Forgefather Master Gurnaur Dothraan. A bearded man depicted of various species - each worshiper's own, usually. Iconically the patron deity of dwarves, but many travelers and merchants seek his graces.

Inspirer - Gluckweigl of the Spark (Chaotic - Neutral - Good) - The Truthgiver Missus Glückwheigl Klanckenspräg. A short, elderly woman of goodly disposition who is most often depicted as a gnome, Glückwheigl is known as the matron deity of arts, invention, knowledge and good fortune.

Pantheon of Darkness

Tyranny - Handok (Lawful Evil) - The Darkfire Emperor

Evolution - Rabio (Chaotic Evil) - The Angry Mother

Decay - Rhazaxul (Neutral Evil) - The Taker A vastly unknown figure risen to power in the recent three hundred years. Stirring during the seven days of the Fourth Godswar, Rhazaxul has awakened and been observing from the deepest recesses of The Abyss... Whenever a deity gets detached from the Faithweft and is absent, Rhazaxul feeds on a percentage of the unattended faith, sundering the connection between the deity and its believers, lessening the chance of that deity ever returning.

Chaos - Janzel (Chaotic Neutral) - The Laughing Wanderer

Antigod - A'Theran Dg'Agan - The Betrayer

Minor Deities

Dreams - Tenriel
Halflings - Rhea
Oriental - Elder-Spirits

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