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Bard is a caster class whose main characteristic is versatility and charisma. Many kinds and races of Bard exist, this article is to cover all possibilities and ideas regarding the Bard class including lore, progress, and building a barbarian class in the Kymlun setting.
Bard is also:
- Core Class, meaning you can select it at level one.
- Omega Class, meaning that it gives the most benefits if taken as a secondary class, but taking all your levels in it is a good idea.
- And a Low-tier class meaning that it has weaknesses which make it more of a role play -oriented class to play rather than something one plays to fight monsters or other players with. While Bard is decidedly not helpless, it requires careful consideration and preparation before one engages monsters with a pure-class bard otherwise things can look pretty grim for the Bard.

IC: Lore

Bards often serve as negotiators, messengers, scouts and spies, but are also known as traveling vagabonds, entertainers and even court lore-masters. They love to accompany adventurers to witness the greater turns of events firsthand, but they also enjoy a quiet time next to a musical instrument, painter's canvas or even library as long as they have who to lecture and converse with. A bard who can tell a story from firsthand experience gains renown among their fellows. A bard casts arcane spells without any advance preparations much like a sorcerer does, however his magic emphasizes charms, illusions, and incantations which require some manner of noise. The bard's music inspires or discourages, with it he can encourage allies, hold an audience rapt and even create a narrow zone of silence, in which all sound and speech are void - the bardsong's greatest strength is that its effects cannot be resisted. Bards are also very versatile in that they have virtually every skill accessible to them in the game and their Lore is only matched by that of a Wizard. The higher a bard's Charisma skill is, the better their abilities become. A bard who by some mishap attains a Lawful alignment ceases to be a bard and will no longer have access to their abilities.
The world's most famous bards currently are out for lunch, you could steal their position quickly and become part of this article as an honourable mention! Excelsior!

IC: Subtypes

Primary Races: Elf, Human
Secondary Races: Halfling, Gnome
Rare: Abyssal, Dwarf
Never: Infernal, Orc

OOC: Class Progression

Class Specifics ----------------------------------- Caster~, Core~, Omega~, Low-Tier Class
Hit Dice d6
Alignment Restriction Non-Lawful
Proficiencies Weapon: Simple
Armour: Light, Medium
Skill Points cLv.1:INT modifier x4
cLv.2-40: 4+INT modifier
Saves Fortitude: Low
Reflex: High
Will: High
Class Skills Pretty much everything.
Feats Gained at levels: cLv. 1,3,5,7,9,12,15,18,20,
21,23,25,27,29, 31,33,35,37,39.
Class Feats Gained: cLv.1: Bardic Knowledge, Bard Song (+1 every Bard level). Epic Bards gain a bonus feat every third level after the 20th.

OOC: Multiclassing and builds

Please note that these are only suggestions based on years of experience, not the end-all solve-all single possible way to play a Bard. As Omega-Class, Bard is great to complete other classes such as Barbarian and compliment their weaknesses.

Here are a few build-ideas with an IC-flavour for Kymlun!

More to come! Feel free to post your questions, or your own ideas on the Forum!

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