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Barbarian is a melee class whose main characteristic is ruggedness and toughness. Many kinds and races of Barbarian exist, this article is to cover all possibilities and ideas regarding the Barbarian class including lore, progress, and building a barbarian class in the Kymlun setting.
Barbarian is also:
- Core Class, meaning you can select it at level one.
- Alpha Class, meaning that it gives no benefits if taken as a secondary class, but taking all your levels in it is a good idea.
- And a Mid-tier class meaning that it has weaknesses that can be overcome with knowledge of the game and playing them smartly.

IC: Lore

Barbarians are brave, even reckless, and their warrior skills make them well suited to adventure. Instead of training and discipline, they have a powerful rage or zeal that enhances their ability to withstand physical punishment and mental attacks. They only have the energy for a handful of such displays per day but it is usually sufficient. The higher a barbarian's Constitution skill is, the better their rage on Kymlun. A barbarian who by some miracle attains a Lawful alignment ceases to be a barbarian and will no longer have access to their abilities.
The world's most famous barbarians currently are Shauliel and Rago Hangaleather.

IC: Subtypes

Primary Races: Orc, Human
Secondary Races: Dwarf, Abyssal
Rare: Elf, Halfling
Never: Infernal, Celestial

OOC: Class Progression

Class Specifics ----------------------------------- Melee~, Core~, Alpha~, Mid-Tier Class
Hit Dice d12
Alignment Restriction Non-Lawful
Proficiencies Weapon: Simple, Martial
Armour: Light, Medium
Skill Points cLv.1:INT modifier x4
cLv.2-40: 4+INT modifier
Saves Fortitude: High
Reflex: Low
Will: Low
Class Skills Balance, Climb, Craft, Discipline, Distract, Heal, Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge: Geography-History-Religion, Lore, Listen, Parry, Swim, Taunt, Use Rope
Feats Gained at levels: cLv. 1,3,5,7,9,12,15,18,20,
21,23,25,27,29, 31,33,35,37,39.
Class Feats Gained: cLv.1: Rage, Speed, Uncanny Dodge(Updates: 5,10,13,19).
cLv.11: Ironskin(Updates: 14,17,20)
cLv.15: Greater Rage
The epic barbarian gains a bonus feat every 4th cLv. after the 20th. Among these Terrifying- and Thundering Rage.

OOC: Multiclassing and builds

Please note that these are only suggestions based on years of experience, not the end-all solve-all single possible way to play a Barbarian. As Alpha-Class, your main goal should be to make Barbarian take up at least 16 levels before level 20 and make sure that it takes up most of your levels in most builds and versions. Terrifying- and Thundering rage are your best friend, as they depend on your Intimidate skill (and charisma modifier). Whether you decide to go for a strength- dexterity- constitution- or even charisma-based barbarian, is entirely up to you.

Here are a few build-ideas with an IC-flavour for Kymlun!
Bloodblade: Fighter6/Barbarian20/Bladesmaster14 - With its 18-20 starting strength, Epic Weapon Specialisation and colossal critical-strike range, the Bloodblade wields some of the greatest melee damage in the entire game. Whether he dual-wields his one-handed axes or goes for a two-hander, perhaps a shield and blade, is entirely up to one's own preference. Alternative is with 7 Levels in Bladesmaster and 27 in Barbarian.
Bloodrager: Barbarian23/Sorcerer14/Blackguard3 - Mostly for those of Abyssal inclination, this charisma-based engine of arcane fury plows through the battlefield with Tenser's Shadowrage, protected by incantations such as Shadow Shield, Mestil's Acid Sheath and Lesser Mind Blank.
Bloodsinger: Barbarian26/Bard14 - A great all-around fighter and support, a Bloodsinger bolsters the might of allies with battlecries and warsongs while decreasing the morale of the enemy with Terrify. Bloodsingers who wish to harness their draconic heritage may consider the Red Dragon Disciple path, which makes them Bar20/Brd10/RDD10 or any similar combination with the classes allotted between the first two, capable of greater strength than their non-blooded cousins.
More to come! Feel free to post your questions, or your own ideas on the Forum!

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