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Babylon (Bhab iilani - Gate of Gods) in the Kymlun Setting, is a name of three different things.

For first, it is the Skytower, also known as the Bastion of Planes that appears on every plane of existence throughout the realms as an anchor to the Gate of the Gods.

For second, there have been several cities in various eras floating above which the Bastion of Planes appeared. The current New Babylon is 290 years old and was built straight after the fall of the previous one up north.

For Third, in Thieves' Cant the word Babylon often refers to the officials more specifically law enforcement in a vaguely sardonic way.


First Babylon - Marduk's Rule

Originally founded five thousand years ago by the Ghazakiin as a safehaven for all mortal races to delegate their nation's finest, with the primary goal to end the eons of hostilities and try to teach them how to coexist in peace. The first king of Babylon, Marduk, was an ambitious man who, following the teachings of the Ghazakiin and more particularly his mentor Glortor'Rai Glaurd'Har, came to the false assumption that the only way to unite all races is to rule over them with an iron hand. He had a tower built from where he wished to observe his kingdom sitting among the very gods.

This tower was torn from the earth however, taken by the gods and Marduk was cast below, taken by the opposing forces from Hell and corrupted. Eventually defeated even as Immortal and bereft of all his memories he was cursed to wander the lands for his sins against all mortal races for eternity.

Second Babylon - Bastion City

Babylon was torn up in war due to infernal manipulations and eventually completely demolished by the warring nations, only to be rebuilt in the Far North from the ashes of the late bastion city of Daranul. The Tower was returned to the earthen plane by Haniel himself, given for Iscariot to rule. The gods have thus left the mortal realm in an effort to grant the mortals more freedom, leaving them with the legacy of Babylon's Gates.

One side of the mortal alliances wished to open the gates and lead a Crusade to venture into the Beyond, while the other camp called themselves the Preservers of the Old Order, seeing this scenario as nothing but a test from the gods, firmly believing that keeping the gates closed was how the deities intended it to be, and that they should live up to the expectations if they wish to ever see them again.

Third Babylon - New Babylon The Gate was eventually opened in violent battle and they found nothing but the transition between various planes and ours, thus granting access to all manners of creatures from other planes of existence. This came in handy as the northern undead menace was already growing beyond mortal control, however, the gods returning from the Beyond have declared war upon one another anew.

The Fourth Godswar shook the realm and the Skytower has been relocated to where it is now, and New Babylon has been built as the safehaven as it was intended by the Ghazakiin eons before. Thanks to Iscariot and Glortor'Rai, New Babylon fulfilled its every purpose so well as it was possible, though the close scrutiny of the Pantheon has also lead many faithless individuals away from living under the direct watch of the Divine.

Babylon is in no way governed by the gods however and their presence is only truly felt by those atuned, yet only knowing that they are present a mere few miles above in the air never kept crime and corruption from taking root.


Babylon's council consists of every nation, race, the three magi orders (White, gray, black), and the Three Churches within its walls (Dark, light, and twilight churches). Each nation and organization, from the humans of Westport, to the elves of Elmensfaar, to the dwarves of Morinsen, to even the Shades of Shaedenaar, all have an ambassador that resides in the city of Babylon. In addition are ambassadors from each church and race, including the abysals, the infernals, and the celestials. Each Ambassador is expected to act and speak in the interests of their respective nation, race, and organization.

Whenever decisions need to be made regarding the city, or anything affecting the city, all of these ambassadors gather together to hold a Hearing, where the issue at hand will be spoken, and then it is discussed and debated by the attending ambassadors, and then a decision is voted on, with majority votes winning (60% votes or more). If there is a tie in votes, then a second Hearing is scheduled for a later date to continue discussing and debating the issue at hand. In rare cases, if neither three of the magi organizations can decide what to do regarding an arcane or magical issue, the Ensiq Arkanos Tsauritanae may be called in onto the council.


Real-world Similarities (Ecological) ----------------------------------- United Emirates
Main Climate Tropical
Main Terrain Varies
Water Access Full
Elevation Foothills to Desert to Seaside
Wilderness 89% unsettled land
National Animal Scorpion
Other Animals Varies
Plant Growth Tropical


Real-world Similarities (Cultural) ----------------------------------- California
Cultural level Highest
Main Values Fashion, riches, social status
Building Style Oriental
Cultural Achievements Diplomatic sanctuary, divine providence
Respected Professions Traders, politicians, priests, scientists, military and cultural figures
Popular Entertainment Music, dance, theatre
Social Support High (Relative to other nations)
Corruption Severe
Social Taboos Present day references
Illegal Activities Present day references
Discrimination against None
Social Troubles High crime rate, weather problems, infighting among various factions


Population ----------------------------------- High
Racial Distribution Diverse
Age Distribution High diversity
Gender Ratio (males/female) Number of males per female: 0,678
Rural Population 19% of people living outside cities
Literacy Rate 85% of people able to read and write
Fertility Rate Number of children per family: 3-14
Life Expectancy Elderly age
Contentment How happy the population is with their lives: Decent


Natural Resources ----------------------------------- Low
Main Resources Culture, geographical position
Main Exports All
Main Imports All
Trade Global
Ecomonic Strength Monopoly
Wealth Distribution Caste system in place, low(5%) - midlow(10%) - uppermid(15%) - upper(20%) - upperhigh(25%) - high(25%)
Taxation Moderate


Real-world Similarities (Political) ----------------------------------- United States
Political Structure Council
Political Stability Likelihood of reforms: None
Foreign Relations Stable
Powerful Guilds Dark Religions, Religions of Light, Twilight Church
Popular Issues Crime, corruption, racial issues
Personal Freedom Absolute
Notable Individuals citation required
Scandals citation required


Numbers ----------------------------------- Colossal
Equipment Quality Up to date
Training and Experience High
Focus Diversity
Unit Types Navy, Infantry, Mobil Siege
Naval Presence Monopoly
Recruitment Both Light and Darkness factions recruit actively
Officer Ranks What it takes to become one: active reasonable contribution
Troop Morale High
Military Strength Absolute


Numbers ----------------------------------- Mediocre
Arcane Vault Mediocre
Favoured Schools All schools present
Major Uses Rare and restricted use of magic
Control Varies by order
Public Opinion Not discussed, they are too scarce
Item Availability Low
Spell Availability Low


Main Religion ----------------------------------- Darkness, Light, Twilight
Priests Equated
Hierarchy citation required
Political Influence Equated
Worship Optional
Associated Arts Varies
Holidays 24th-26th Dec, 30th Dec - 1st Jan, Dayturns
Blessing Availability Decent
Pilgrimage Sites Temples of each religion available

Capital City Name

Population ----------------------------------- Number of people in the capital
Defenses What keeps the city safe
Location Where in the nation is the city found
Reputation What you hear about the place
Attractions Why people would go there
Locals How does the population act towards visitors
Guards Relative to other capitals
Crime Relative to other capitals

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